Cockpit - Bloodsport

On Sunday Philippinos either are at church or at the cockpit, the Philippino cock- fight, which is more popular here than anywhere else in Asia

Here a photo from a "training"- fight. The cocks heads get bumped into each other a couple of times to fuel their aggression. Once unleached they attack each other.

8 cm of sharp steel

This is the deadly weapon that is bound to the cocks legs for the fight at the arena. Before the showdown though the right opponent has to be found. Here selection is critical, because a lot of time and money goes into the training of a fighting cock; and the fight only one cock can leave alive at best.

Light conditions at the arena were most chellanging for photography

Moments before the fight begins, the steel blades get fixed to the cocks legs. This procedure alone is dangerious, and sometimes severe accidents happen.

The rules are complex: The "Biya", who is the challenger of the "Inilog",  has to find the moeny for the chellenge with the help others who bet with him.


One this is setteled, the fight can begin, but will only last a couple of seconds or minutes in most cases. Then, the loser is dead and the winner often deadly wounded as well. If the winner survives though, he gets more precious with each fight.


To be sure that the loser is really dead and not just "lazy", the refery will pick both cocks up and beat their heads together, until there is no reaction anymore.



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