The Cooperative Orthodic & Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) In Vientiane

If you ever come to Laos, do not forget to visit the Cooperative Orthotic & Prosthetic Enterprise. The staff at the visitor center is very friendly and you will gain an isight into Laotian history, ordinary people's struggles today and even learn a little more about international affairs.

Coming to Laos, whether you want to explore the amazing nature, other cultures or if you belong to those crazy party backpackers with Vang Vieng as main destination; chances are you start your journey into this wonderful country at Vientiane.

Since the capital is such a bicycle- friendly town, I recommend you to rent a bike to explore more of the city. The COPE Visitor center is not far from down town and on the way you can refresh yourself with fresh coconut milk which is sold everywhere on the sideway.

Arriving at COPE you will be greeted by friendly people, who are happy to tell you more about prostheses and about the heritage of cluster bombs from the Vietnam war, which are the reason why you see so many prostheses today in Laos.

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