Über Mich

Hello, my name is Marc


At the moment I live in the north- west of Switzerland, however I spend much time in the south west of Germany and traveling in Asia.

Photography is not a business for me, but a form of art, which I pursue as a hobby, for recreation and to preserve some of the world's beauty.

Thus, you may feel free to contact me about any interesting project. Depending on the topic, I shoot for free.


In my main profession I am a doctor; this profession does not leave me much free time, but the necessary means, so that I am not dependent on photography as a business model.

My second big passion are martial arts, in which I am much more proficient than in  photography. Thus there is the link and my love for Asia, which you can see by looking at my work. Related to this, there is a little project of mine in which I am helping medically on a small island, called Siargao, in the pacific ocean. The little hospital there has not much means and I bring there medical equipment, which I collect in hospitals, or which I buy sometimes. 

If you are interesting in helping the poor of the poor, not in some fancy project where the money gets vaporized, but where 100% arrives at it's destiny, where it is put to practical use, you might contact me.